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Moral and Ethical Systems

July 29, 2020 c7x43t 0

The 7+5 Principles of Hermeticism/Alchemy + the 8th or 13th principle of Care (What do you care enough about to act on?) […]

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Putting others first

June 17, 2020 c7x43t 0

How many times have you been told to put others first before you think about yourself? I’m sure many of us have been taught to […]

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Principle of Mentalism

June 10, 2020 c7x43t 0

Lukas 6:45 Ein guter Mensch bringt Gutes aus dem guten Schatz seines Herzens hervor. Doch ein schlechter Mensch bringt Schlechtes aus seinem schlechten Schatz hervor. […]