Moral and Ethical Systems

The 7+5 Principles of Hermeticism/Alchemy
+ the 8th or 13th principle of Care (What do you care enough about to act on?)

42 Laws of Maat (Kemet):
I have not…
(Virtues) I am …

“Eat right, live right. Harm none. Love yourself.”

Allan Watts:
“You love yourself in terms of what is other.”
“If you think about what you love, it is always something other than you. Implying that you love the whole universe. (The other)”.
“Our everyday consciousness leaves out more than it takes in. Consciousness is selective.””
“Duality is always secretly unity.”
“Words have meaning only in context.”
“Everything is meaningless, except words, because they point to something other than themselfes.”
“In the relationship between opposites in every domain of life there are connections which are not published. They are implicitly one.”
-> Mark Passio: “How do you know that you are suffering? If you see anyone else suffering?”

0 ~ Infinity Principle (rel.: Who are you?) The Monad ~ the All.

The noble eightfold path
The four noble truths

Natural Law: #71 #73 #80 #122 #123


Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu (Chinese):,sm,jhmd,jc,rh

Essene Teachings:

Emotional Scales:

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